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Track members location and IP

This is an amazing script where we have updated a few of the script files to update the members IP and GEO location
more often so you can find it easier to trace members from locations that you do not want on your TE

NB: No location script will be 100% and at last test this was more than 97% spot on!

Search IP or GEO location or even affiliate link

We've added easy references so when member login, signup etc it will also add a GEO location to their account

Now obviously there will be ways around this for the techy people that simply don't give up but at worse case
you will have an easy reference to monitor and compare locations with other te owners

Easy reference

I've also added the ability to search by IP and Affiliate ID simply as I use it SO much personally

Lots of other uses

Imagine after a few weeks you could then easy send GEO targeted emails to members listed in specific locations

Hey I have a few Canadian members so what about emailing JUST those members on Canada Day!

Yes! this has amazing potential takes traffic very seriously which is why we use the Geo location mod provided by Brian Jones as it clearly is something every Ventrino owner needs as it gives you the ability to easily see where members are located country wise and send targeted emails to individual countries which can GREATLY increase your sales and signups.
This mod is a must for everyone and will pay for itself almost instantly!

Buy now!

This script is Simply Magical!
I fell in love with the magic of this script after my very first search....
This script allows me so many new possibilities, such as targeted emails, contests, etc. This is definitely an Admin's dream come true,
Keep up the Great work TE Project!Ritchy